Nowhere to…climb?

I was on my way out the door today and went to grab my climbing pack when my husband asked why I needed it.  Then it hit me.  Hard.  My climbing gym is closed and the new one won’t be open until Veterans Day.  Two weeks.  In November.  In Montana.  With a high temperature of 38 degrees (F) today, and a forecast including snow and lows in the 20’s.  The nearest climbing gym is two and a half hours away, and they’re supposed to get more snow than we are.  The pass could be closed if it snows enough.  Tomorrow is Halloween.  I have to take action!

I called to make sure that Bozeman’s climbing gym will be open tomorrow and they will be.  Certain areas will be blocked off due to a bouldering competition that is coming up, but the rope routes will all be open.  That’s exactly what I wanted to hear!  I could leave early tomorrow morning, get there shortly after the climbing gym opens, climb myself nearly to death, and get back early enough to secure my parking space in front of my house, which is one block off of the busiest Halloween street in the city, and lock the door with all the lights out.  Sounds like a plan!!!

Don’t be surprised if I blog a lot more over the next couple of weeks.  If I can’t climb, then I’ll blog about everything climbing – what I want to climb and where, how to do things that are climbing related, climbing, climbing, climbing…  You’ve been warned!!!

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