A masterpiece in Boulderland


I love the black screaming face holds.  They’re jugs, for one thing, which makes them nice for kids and beginning climbers of all ages.  The appeal of the facial expressions is that they mirror my own feelings at a particular point in a route at times, especially the crux! A distorted, silently screaming, black resin face bolted to the wall for me to hang onto in the midst of this hellish move?  I can identify with that!  The look especially handsome with some climbing chalk on them after they’ve been climbed on a bit.  For all these reasons, I chose these holds to set my second problem in Boulderland with at SteepWorld Climbing and Fitness, hereafter referred to as SCF (aka. the new climbing gym).  I wanted them to contrast with the bright teal and yellow WallTopia walls, too, which are brilliantly colored and wonderfully textured.  The photo you see above this post is a sketch I drew in my new climbing log of the second problem I set in Boulderland (grade V0), which is the upstairs beginners/kids’ area of the new gym.  The first problem I set was a yellow ladder (grade VB) that most should be able to do as long as they’re more than two feet tall.  Those holds were fairly benign.  I just really like the black screaming face holds.  I feel a kinship with them, haha!!!

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