Setting the tall walls…


Well, today is a day of setting the tall walls.  The bouldering walls on the main floor of the new climbing gym aren’t up yet, so I have some time to play with ideas in my head concerning what kind of problems I want to set on those walls.  Of course, not knowing what they look like, that will only take me so far, but it should be fun imagining what could be in the meantime.  There is plenty of room for the imagination in the route setting world!  Other setters who have more experience than I do are setting rope routes on the tall walls today.  I recorded a bit of it with my GoPro and took some photos with my iPhone camera, but couldn’t be of much help otherwise.  Heath, one of the owners, said they might be setting the bouldering walls next weekend.  I’ll go with that.  I gave AJ a ride over, not knowing what to expect, and I’ll give AJ a ride back home later this afternoon, too.  I’ll get to see some of the progress they will have made today!  In order to stay out of everyone’s way, I decided to leave so that I didn’t look like I was just standing around doing, well, nothing.  It’s a cold, rainy day outside, so I’m making good use of my time and blogging in my slightly, but only slightly, warmer basement apartment.  I’m not sure where my husband is at this afternoon.  Probably hanging out with a friend since I was going to potentially be setting routes for a good portion of the day.  It’s good for him. I’m actually considering taking a nap…  I won’t, though.  I don’t want to oversleep and leave AJ stranded!!!  I’m excited to see what those walls look like later today!!!

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