Climbing roots

I went climbing yesterday!!!  Jim, the owner of the climbing gym, and Hayden (employee) were packing things into Jim’s suburban and a small trailer that he was pulling behind it in preparation for their closing at the end of the week.  This is the last week that SteepWorld will be open.  Jim is a part owner in the new climbing gym, SteepWorld Climbing and Fitness (which some of the climbers are affectionately calling SteepWorld 2.0), that is opening to Founding Members on the 8th or 9th of November and to the public on Veteran’s Day (11 Nov 2017).  I bought eight pairs of the Darn Tough socks that I like because Jim’s clearancing them out at half-off for members.  I’ll never see prices like that anywhere else!!!  Those socks are awesome!!!  Jim’s not going to be selling any clothing at the new gym, and from what I’ve heard, no ice climbing gear, either.  He’s going to be selling the standard rock-climbing hard gear and climbing shoes, of course.  I don’t know if they’ll be into approach shoes or not.  Hopefully they’ll have a few of the top-selling approach shoe models on hand…  I guess we’ll find out.  Anyway, Jim was loading stuff up and clearing stuff out.  The speakers in the gym blew out Saturday, so there was no music in the the gym.  The silence was comforting while I was there climbing by myself, but then, when a couple of other people came in, it was somewhat uncomfortable.  Nothing but the sound of hands and feet on the wall, the occasional grunt, and the slap of a body falling onto the grey mat here and there.  Mack and Michelle, Dillon and Katie, and McKenzie all came in around the same time.  Of course, I was getting ready to leave by that time.  I was careful in getting back into climbing.  After two weeks of almost no climbing, I didn’t want to risk an injury right off the bat.  Climbing felt great!!!  I took my GoPro Hero6 Black to the gym and filmed the gym a little bit.  Something to keep the memories alive.  My climbing roots are in that little bouldering gym…open for only a few more days…

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