What makes me happy

I want to write a post about what makes me happy.  That may sound silly, but I feel the need to do so because I need a reminder while I try to re-establish some boundaries.

Climbing makes me happy.  I love climbing!  There’s a ritual to putting on my Otakis and cinching down the Velcro straps.  There’s a trigger in opening that tribal warrior shield chalk bag up and getting the Friction Labs Unicorn fine chalk on my hands – rubbing it in.  There’s the sharp smell of rubbing alcohol in my nose if I put a base layer of liquid Secret Stuff chalk on my hands as a base layer first.  If I’m climbing outside, the smell of sunscreen and dirt and sweat are all mixed in together, too.  The process of sliding into my Misty Mountain climbing harness for roped climbing carries a host of cues with it, whether inside or outside – an extra awareness.  Getting my harness adjusted just right…getting my shoes on…chalking up…and finally feeling the holds on the wall, whether they be plastic or real rock.  Looking at a line, thinking through sequences of moves after identifying all of the holds, all of it coming together as I make my way from the bottom of a route toward the top, hoping to experience that pure movement in that intensely present moment, every moment, send or no send…  Finishing the route is a bonus, not the main event for me.  I want to experience the climb.  Movement across rock with laser-like focus, one hold at a time.  The struggle, the heavy breathing, the muscle pump, the pain, the battle of my will and determination with my body’s fail safe protections against potential injury – it’s all so incredibly, tangibly real on the rock!  All this, while attempting to remain rational and solve the next challenge of movement upward.  After a day of this maximum exertion, the exhaustion that causes your body to collapse into a pile in desperate need of painkillers and rest sets in, often long before either are available.  Then, you get up and do it all again the next day…  This is climbing, and I love it!!!  This is climbing, and climbing makes me happy!!!

Blogging makes me happy, too.  I get to share my thoughts with any who wish to read them, and that helps me get things out of my system and into a form that is at least coherent.  So, if you’re reading this, thank you!

Other things that make me happy? Updates pending…