Setting routes in the new gym!!!

Heath, one of the owners of the new climbing gym, invited me to come and set some routes in the new gym today!  I went and set two routes on the Boulderland walls for the kids.  One was a yellow VB ladder (a good way to get down from more complex routes, too) that ends short of the top of the wall, and a black V0 that starts on a slight overhang and finishes higher on the vertical wall that it transitions onto without going all the way to the top of the wall (again, some good holds there and a good way to downclimb from more complicated routes).  Mack and AJ were also setting.  AJ was using the scissor lift to set auto-belay routes while Mack and I were working on the bouldering problems.  Heath was pleased with our work when I left.  I had to leave a little early so that I could watch Cullen, my nephew, because my brother and sister-in-law are going out tonight for some adult time.  I got a short bit of GoPro footage with my GoPro Hero 6 Black camera.  I should’ve mounted it on my helmet and just worn my helmet around while I set routes, but I wasn’t sure how well that would go over with everybody working there today.  It probably would’ve been fine, but I didn’t want to push my invitation too far.  The walls look great, and the new holds are fun to play with.  I used the old holds, as we were trying to save the new holds for the roped routes and some of the boulder problems in the main area below the mezzanine.  AJ was the one who got to play with most of the new holds, as he was putting up the auto-belay routes for the Boulderland/beginner’s area.  Heath said they are setting a bit more tomorrow and then probably next weekend again, so I could send him a message if I wanted to help out.  I told him to count me in!!!

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