Taking my life back

It seems that everyone has decided that it’s open season on my schedule and my time, not to mention my activities.  My routine lies in shambles upon the floor, trampled and bloody from the stampede of people and their demands.  I saw my doctor this morning.  I crawled under the covers and died this afternoon.  This evening, I called my doctor for a coaching moment and we discussed what I can do.  I’m going climbing tomorrow.  PERIOD.  Everyone else is going to have to back off, butt out, and let me climb.  It would be wise to do so, at least.  Climbing is very therapeutic for me, and I need to do it.  I need to climb!!!  There are a multitude of other things that people have planned for me to do, but I’m going climbing.  I’m going to project on V2’s and V3’s and go hard for my goal of climbing V3 by the end of November for the MyClimb Fall Project Challenge 2017.  FOR ME.  YES, ME.  JUST ME.  I have to take care of myself first.  I deserve to take care of myself first.

This is a rant, by the way.

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