My topo map for the first V2 I’ve ever sent!


I sent the red V2 again today at the climbing gym.  The photo above shows the beta that I used.  I’ll have to send it again to double-check some of that beta.  There’s one sequence that I’m not sure of, but it’s easily fixed with White-Out Tape and my trusty pen once I figure it out.  I know it was a struggle, and I know I’ve got my hand and foot placements in the correct places on the map.  It’s just the sequence of two of them that I’m going to have to repeat in order to make sure it’s accurate.  I was excited that I was able to send it again!  It wasn’t just a fluke!  I can actually send V2 problems now!  I’m improving!!!  I might have to work on my dismount some (I dropped from pretty high up because I got a flash pump and couldn’t hold on), but that’ll come with time.  It’s not the highest fall I’ve ever taken.  Nothing got hurt, so everything’s good.  I saw Chad today – it was good to see him.  He’s been busy lately and hasn’t gotten much climbing in.  I understand.  I told him I had only been in one day last week to climb.  I told him it was going to be tough for the two weeks that we won’t have a climbing gym open.  “It won’t be the end of the world.  You might be able to climb outside.  I think the weather’s supposed to stay nice.”  I hope so!!!

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