Climbed yesterday!!! And the beginnings of a topo…


I saw my doctor yesterday and described my weekend to him.  Going back even farther, I described the last nine or ten days since I’ve climbed to him.  “I think you need to at least go, even if you just sit there.  Then maybe you’ll end up climbing a little bit.  You do better when you’re climbing.”  After my appointment and a few errands, I went to SteepWorld, my climbing gym here in Billings, Montana.  It was an unseasonably warm day and I was feeling better as I walked into the gym.  I talked to Jim, the owner, about next week, since my membership runs out a week before they close up shop for good and move to the new location across town.  He made a deal with me for $10, the cost of one day-pass, for the whole next week.  Deal!  Jim’s a great guy.  He’s excited to be starting this next phase across town at the new gym with two other partners.  The new one will be called SteepWorld Climbing & Fitness, but I digress…

I climbed yesterday!  I chose to take it easy for a couple of reasons.  First, I haven’t climbed in a week and a half, so I’m stiff and inflexible in many ways.  Second, I wanted to try climbing without taping any of my fingers to see how my finger strength was in and of itself.  I traversed and my shoes, not having been worn in almost two weeks, needed a little breaking-in again.  Overall, it was a reintroduction day and it went well.

I decided, after settling up with Jim for the next week and paying my arrears on my account, to draw a topo map of the first V2 I’d ever sent – the Red Tower V2 set by Mack Moore.  I laid on my side on the grey mat with my notebook and pen, sketching the holds as accurately in relation to each other as possible and then decided that, before I added any beta, I’d have to climb it again to remember my beta correctly!!!  That would have to be done another day…  Today sounds like a great day to do that!!!

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