I made it to Butte! (This was supposed to be published last night!)

I found out from my doctor today that a mutual friend of ours – my climbing buddy James – got hit by a pickup on his bike and ended up with his left side in pretty rough shape.  He didn’t hit his head, though, which was miraculous!  He broke both bones in his lower left leg, both bones in his left forearm, and possibly a bone right at his left wrist.  He had surgeries to repair the damage and place rods, pins, and various other spare parts in his limbs yesterday.  He might get out of the hospital as soon as Monday.  He got hit on Wednesday.

After visiting James in the hospital, I had several stops to make before heading out to the highway.  It took me four hours to get to Butte after I got on the Interstate, with various stops along the way.  I am here, though!  I made it to Butte!  I discovered that I’ll have to go back across the Continental Divide to get to the bouldering area for the 8th Annual Butte Bouldering Bash, but that’s perfectly alright.  I’m extending my stay in Butte by a night, so it won’t be a big deal and it relieves the pressure of making a four-hour drive back to Billings after a full day of bouldering and no shower so that I can enjoy the day.  I got a gift for a lady that my husband works for who is from Butte and is in her eighties.  Hopefully she likes it.  Butte is known for the copper mine that used to be here and the toxic Berkeley Pit that formed as a result.  I got her a pure copper mug.

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