The GoPro Hero 6 Black

I purchased a GoPro Hero 6 Black and it came in the mail today.  It’s much different than my GoPro Hero 4 Session.  It’s more of an actual camera in the respect that it has options…and a touchscreen.  The truth is that I can’t find my Session camera.  I might have left it in Ten Sleep somehow back in August or something.  If I did, somebody got a heck of a great package deal!  It’s sad to think that I lost my other GoPro and a 256 GB mini SD card…and the rest of the extras.  Okay, this is getting really sad, so I’m going to talk about the new one I got today.  It’s charging right now.  In the meantime, I downloaded the GoPro App to my iPhone so that it’s ready to go when the camera actually gets charged up.  It came with a 32 GB mini SD card and adapter, which is nice.  I don’t know how far that will go, but I’ll try it out soon.  I’m going to the Butte Bouldering Bash on Saturday and I might use it then.  Or not.  It depends on how I feel.  I’m inclined not to take it on this trip because I don’t have anyone to watch my stuff while I’m gone and the weather forecast is supposed to be cold and colder for this event.  The low in the morning is going to be in the mid-20’s Fahrenheit, and the high for the day is only going to be in the low-40’s if we’re lucky.  Then back down to the mid-20’s that night…  I’m thinking that my new GoPro can stay safe and warm in my apartment until I get back from this one!  Updates pending!!!

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