Friction Labs review

Friction Labs chalk.  I thought I’d do a review on Friction Labs products in general since they are my solid go-to, won’t-use-anything-else brand.  I’ve tried a lot of different products in the chalk realm, and I haven’t found anything as consistently great as Friction Labs chalk.  It comes in three consistencies: Bam-Bam (chunky), Gorilla Grip (medium), and Unicorn Dust (fine).  I choose the Unicorn Dust, but have used the Gorilla Grip, too.  Both are good, but I prefer the Unicorn Dust because it goes on well over the base layer of Secret Stuff (liquid chalk by Friction Labs) that I put on my hands first, and that saves me chalk because I find myself not having to use as much when I put the base layer of Secret Stuff on first.  You can get a monthly shipment of your choice of loose chalk on a subscription basis, which is fantastic!  Friction Labs handles ClimbSkin, too, which is my favorite skin-conditioning product.  It’s non-greasy, soaks in well, and keeps my calluses conditioned so that I don’t end up with flappers.  Another callus-care product by Friction Labs is their double-sided wooden sanding file, each side being a different coarseness of sandpaper and coming with three replacement papers for each side.  It’s small and fits in your pocket, your chalk bag, or wherever you need to stash it until needed.  Their chalk bags and chalk buckets are well-made and come in a variety of very attractive color themes, all with the Friction Labs patch sewn onto them.  They sell chalk brushes with screw-off handle tips that you can store things in and rectangular water bottles, too.  The best part?  Why, stickers, of course!!!  I love Friction Labs stickers (of course, I’m a sticker freak, anyway)!  I would highly recommend checking into Friction Labs chalk and other products if you haven’t already.  They come with a little higher price tag, but that price tag includes the best quality around!  Friction Labs chalk doesn’t have any drying agents in it, and no fragrance, either.  Get some Friction Labs chalk!  You’ll see what I’m talking about!!!

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