The Bullet Journal – so far, so good

I have to say that the Bullet Journal, a style of journaling and keeping track of all the chaotic scheduling, ideas, notes, and other things you may have to organize, is working well for me so far.  I have transitioned into my second month of using it (actually, I only used it for the last week or so of September, but I still had to set all of it up for that month, etc.) and am now into October.  It works well for keeping track of tasks and you can easily identify different tasks by using signifiers and symbols, so you can see at a glance what might be higher priority or special in your organized pile of things to do, whether for the year, month, week, or day.  It’s actually quite handy!!!  I don’t have a million little scraps of paper laying around or getting lost or thrown away with whatever I think was garbage, but turned out to be crucial information!  Everything’s in one place, too, so I can look back and see what I’ve done, what’s left to do, and what I need to do in the future.  I have to keep up with it, which is a habit that must be established, but it’s fun after you get the hang of it.  I like this form of journaling, and I can see how it could be adapted to keep track of artwork or climbing or other activities and/or training and events.  You could dedicate a whole bullet journal just to climbing, for example, and that could be your training notebook.  You could set a bullet journal aside for artwork and notes on ideas for creative writing, or anything else you wanted to do with it.  It’s a very versatile system and you can organize it the way that best fits your style.  In a word?  Practical!

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