Two months in, two to go in the MyClimb Fall Project Challenge 2017

Well, I’m exactly halfway through the MyClimb Fall Project Challenge 2017 timeframe.  I began being able to climb V1 and 5.5, and having lead climbed once.  At this point, I can climb V2 and 5.8, and I know I can lead climb, even though I’ve only done it once.  So, all three of my major climbing goals are on track to be met: climbing V3 and 5.10a, and lead climbing effectively and efficiently.  My weight?  Well, I’m getting used to this diet lifestyle and have lost a bit of weight, and just have to take that day-by-day.  The main point there is that I’m eating healthier and in more reasonable amounts.  I’ve been training with Mack and gaining a lot of progress in a very short time with his help as far as climbing goes.  Now I need to add swimming and work on my visualization to further aid my progress.  I need to climb more, too.  I love climbing!  This month is the last month that the old climbing gym will be open, then we’ll have a two-week period during which there will be no indoor climbing gym open in Billings before the new climbing gym opens almost mid-November.  Hopefully that all stays on track!!!  I’ll have to get toprope and lead belay and climbing certified at the new climbing gym, just like I am at Bozeman’s climbing gym, then I can rock-n’-roll on the ropes!!!  In order to get lead certified at the new climbing gym, you have to be able to climb 5.9, so I’ll be visiting Spire in Bozeman to get myself above the 5.9 threshold – you can bet on that!!!  Another aspect of the new climbing gym that I might be able to be involved in (hopefully) is route setting.  That would be terrific!!!

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