Squiggle Bug

Cullen, my almost-three-month-old nephew, is our smiley little Squiggle Bug.  He’s squiggly, wiggly, and loves to lick right now.  It’s kind of like the idea that, “If I lick you, you’re mine.”  When he smiles, he smiles all over.  Generally a happy guy while Aunt Chris and Uncle Jerrold are watching him.  He gets a bottle and tickles and hugs, and even gets to watch fun, brightly colored, singing, dancing wonders of rated G cinema on the “big screen” while he lays on the bed and plays with us.  Sometimes he just wants to be held and walked through our basement apartment to see all the new stuff – something different.  Once in a while, Aunt Chris even has to change Squiggle Bug’s diaper, at which time he decides it’s full-on, all-out squiggle time!!!  At least he hasn’t peed on Aunt Chris, yet!  Not to jinx the process there, but…  Sometimes he plays and squiggles and wiggles and talks himself clear to sleep!  Not very often, though.  He’s always really excited to come down and see us.  I have to admit, and don’t get me wrong – I’m still not a baby person – but I do have to admit that I get excited to see Squiggle Bug, too.  I kind of miss him on days that we don’t watch him for a few hours, actually.  Interesting.  Never thought that would happen!  Pretty soon, we’ll begin learning climbing terminology!!!

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