The Bullet Journal

It’s a real thing.  Yes, the Bullet Journal.  I received the one that I ordered yesterday and it’s been fun to set up.  The premise behind the whole thing is to simplify your life and have an analog method that is very quick to log and check tasks, events, and collections of these with.  It works, too!  I set mine up yesterday and have been using it yesterday and today.  It’s so simple it’s complicated, at first.  What?  No sticky notes popping out and falling everywhere?  No scraps of paper flying out the window with the wind?  No scribbled gibberish on napkins or the backs of water bottle labels to get lost?  Nope, nope, and nope.  My doctor suggested it because early in the month, I found myself having many “moving parts” to my life all of a sudden that need careful scheduling to make sure that everybody’s in the right place at the right time.  It’s not like a day-planner, where everything’s laid out for you.  As a matter of fact, this type of planning takes the form that best fits your style of organizing a schedule by suggesting just a few indication marks and a few sections to keep things a bit more tidy than that heap of information that gets piled up and is later unceremoniously dumped in the garbage with some other pile of “stuff” that you just have to get rid of to clear the clutter before you go insane.  You can make your own indication marks that mean what you need them to mean in your life.  You can doodle in the Bullet Journal.  You can take notes.  You can plan.  You can accomplish things and mark them as accomplished without wiping out critical information that you may need (or lose) later.  You can keep track of whatever you want. It’s all possible with the Bullet Journal!  It’s actually quite an old form of organization.  I must say that it’s very handy and has helped me in just the day and a half that I’ve been using it!  I’ll be able to keep track of climbing and training, appointments and prescriptions, birthdays and events, notes on whatever subject presents itself – you name it!!!  This is great!  There are even instructions on the last few pages of the journal to help you get started.  It’s all there.  If you go to the website, there’s a downloadable app for your phone, a YouTube video to show you how to set the journal up, and tips and tricks to help you on your way back to good old paper-and-pen living (no batteries, charging docks, cell towers, or wifi required).  The way I grew up…  Ah, the good ole’ days are back!!!

2 thoughts on “The Bullet Journal

  1. Hey, can you let us know how you get on with tracking your climbing and your training with your bullet journal? Maybe a couple of months is not enough to give an overview but maybe in a couple more? 🙂


    1. Sure, I can! It might be a few more months, though. It has taken a bit to get the hang of it and I’m still ironing out some unforeseen kinks, but it works for the most part!


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