The men’s Misty Mountain Cadillac climbing harness

I was nervous.  What if I didn’t like it?  What if it didn’t fit right?  What if it didn’t fit…at all???  BUT I DO AND IT DID!!!  I just adjusted my brand new men’s size XL (not 2XL, just XL) Misty Mountain Cadillac climbing harness and it fits perfectly and properly!!!  I love it!!!  My friend Lou told me about Misty Mountain climbing harnesses when we were climbing together.  He said they were a bit stiffer than the Yates harnesses and very durable.  I had originally ordered a 2XL harness, but they ended up cancelling the order because that size was out of stock.  So, with much trepidation, I ordered an XL.  So, you know what this means…  I JUST DROPPED A HARNESS SIZE!!!  I’m so excited, not only for the fit of the harness, but for the fact that a whole new world just opened up for me!!!  It feels so much more secure than my other harness!  I’m driving to the climbing gym in Bozeman tomorrow to try it out and make sure it works and fits and functions like I want it to, and to make some fine adjustments, etc.  THE XL FITS!!!  There is hope for me yet!!!

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