Too tired to drive the distance


I woke up early enough this morning to help my husband take care of our nephew while my brother picked my sister-in-law up from work.  After our nephew was safely back with them, I sat at the kitchen table in front of my computer contemplating going climbing.  My climbing gym isn’t open on Sundays, so I would have to drive two hours to the nearest climbing gym in Bozeman. As I nodded and struggled to keep my eyes open, I struggled with the reality that I was just too tired to drive anywhere safely, much less two hours to Bozeman.  I had an idea in my drowsy fog – I would go back to bed for an hour or so and then be able to drive the distance!  I could still climb today!!!  I took my shoes and my glasses off, put on my BiPAP mask, threw my blanket over me, and was asleep almost instantly.  I planned on waking again in about an hour.  Four hours later, I awoke only because I had to use the bathroom.  That was around 1100 hrs.  Lunch time.  Well, I wasn’t going to get over to the climbing gym two hours away today.  That was immediately obvious.  Instead, I rode along with my husband and sat in the truck, still sleepy, while he went in and priced things for a job at the hardware store.  We both got large, unsweetened ice teas at McDonald’s and drove around for a while.  That was nice.  I enjoy going for drives with my husband.

Today has been a laid back day.  I went to Walgreens to ask the pharmacist if there was any kind of plastic bottle that tincture of benzoin compound could be stored well in for travel (it is normally contained within a dark brown glass bottle).  He didn’t think so, but he gave me two large prescription bottles, both different sizes, and told me put the benzoin bottle in one and then stuff cotton around the bottle to protect it inside whichever prescription bottle it would fit into.  Brilliant!!!  I shook the man’s hand and headed off excitedly with my prescription bottles.  So now, I have my tincture of benzoin compound bottle snugly packed with unused adhesive gauze pads inside the larger of the two prescription bottles and labeled with the contents.  Very cool!!!  Ready to climb!!!

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