Lou’s reply to lowering the bar

“I once climbed with an Austrian climber who told me a good three month set would include 5 attainable goals, and 2 or 3 goals that he had less than 30% chance of reaching. A climber needs to be able to succeed and go out flailing!  I think that you should keep your original goals, V3 / 5.10a.  But you should add several new goals, some that act like stepping stones towards the future.”  He proceeded to tell me how to go about figuring out some new stepping-stone goals, then ended with, “In the coming weeks you will see improvement if some of your goals are moderate and some are pure fun.”

I AM SO GLAD HE SAID THAT!!!  I was thinking the same thing – why not go out with a bang?!  And it’s not like I’m just going to quit working toward these goals when 01 Dec 2017 rolls around!  No!!!  I will not back down!!!  I will achieve some and I will see the end of this Fall Project 2017 flailing on some, but my goals are my goals.  I just need more of them!!!

I got an envelope of photos from Leon Kaatz today in the mail, on top of this great encouragement, that made today a truly inspirational day!  He wrote a short letter explaining that these were some of the photos that he’s sent out for Christmas cards to people on his list in years past, and that I was definitely on that list (and his tribute wall) now!!!  Leon is a gifted and determined man, a great climber at 75 years old, and a fantastic fellow that I get to call my friend!!!  Today, I’m looking at these photos and experiencing pure joy!!!  I sure hope that I can climb as well as Leon the Lion when I’m his age!!!

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