My first training session with Mack

Mack, a really strong climber and friend of mine at the climbing gym, offered to help me start some training so that I can progress in my climbing abilities.  Yesterday afternoon was our initial session.  First, Mack had me go upstairs and walk at a 2.0 incline at the 2.0 speed setting on the treadmill for a quarter of a mile to warm up.  The warm-up should be about 60% of your max effort, and no more than 75%.  I then did some traversing and Mack showed me a stretch for my shoulders that was really good, called an Egyptian.  Mack wanted to see me climb some more to assess my strengths and things to improve, so he had me demonstrate on two of my project routes.  That was actually pretty productive.  We had to establish a baseline for strength and endurance, so yesterday was basically a test session.  I need to get another 60-lb resistance band for the pull-up bar, but other than that, we got our baseline numbers down.  My fingerboard hangs were 9s, 10s, and 10s, for an average of 9.7s.  I did 20 push-ups.  I traversed on the wall for 2min 48s.  As soon as I get the other resistance band, we’ll get a baseline for the pull-ups.  Mack was very organized and straightforward, with a solid idea of what he wanted to do to help me begin strength training and some cardio, which will be swimming.  He offered to go to the pool with me and everything if I needed some support to get me going and motivate me with no judgment.  First, I have to get a suit.  Scheels will be a sure destination for me today, for both a resistance band and a swim suit.  I don’t know if they will have a size that will fit me as far as swimming suits go, but if it comes down to it, a T-shirt and shorts will work just as well!  I do hope they have the resistance band that I need, though.  For a cool down, Mack had me walk another 0.25 miles on the treadmill on the same settings.  I am impressed with Mack.  He’s never done this before, and I’m happy to be his guinea pig.  He’s very patient and non-judgmental, and he knows how to motivate people.  I think this will work out well!  Next training session is tomorrow evening at 1800 hrs.

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