Encouraging words from Lou and Leon

“What a Day!!! I woke up this morning and thought…’could I climb today?’  Hell yah, as long as Chris and Lou are with me!”  -Leon, the day after the “Bozeman Six”

“Just before boarding the plane, Leon turned to me and said, ‘Chris was the difference yesterday, she made me shoot for the moon.’  I think he was right.  The first day we attempted the Bozeman Six, Leon managed to climb 1/2 of what he did when you joined the team.  As for me, I had hoped to put in 100 problems, but forgot all about the 100 as I was having too much fun.  Great day!”  -Lou commenting on my post on MyClimb

“This has been an interesting week.  Chris Jones joined Leon Kaatz and myself for three fun days of climbing.  We first joined up for a Gym session, and then teamed Up for a 11 hour enduro-blast of the ‘Bozeman Six’.”  -Lou in his Week 5 Challenge report

“Chris Jones joined us as well last Monday.  Chris is a talent and a pleasure to climb with. I think Chris was an amazing climber in her past life.  I have never seen anyone absorb information like she does.  She has that rare ability to transfer information right into her blood stream.  She is calm beyond measure, a trait that was born in battle and one that will lead her to great things in climbing and in life.”  -Lou in his Week 5 Challenge report

With climbing buddies like these, climbing will never be the same!  It will always be an enjoyable challenge to push ever harder and ever higher with, and to just calmly play at some days for the rest of my life.  I truly enjoyed my climbing experiences with Lou and Leon, and I so look forward to the next time we get to climb together!!!

All of my climbing buddies have made a deep impression on my life for the better – a positive influence on my scarred soul.  AJ, Emily, McKenzie, Chad, Brian, Michelle, Mack, Taylor, Lou, Leon, and the list goes on…  I owe a great debt to all of these people for helping to not only save my life, but to help me create the life I want that brings me joy and happiness through climbing.  Climb on, my friends!!!  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and the center of my soul, for your encouragement and help!!!  Let the good times roll!!!

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