Climbing with the Tarantulas so far…

As I said, I’m going to try on a half-size smaller pair of Tarantulas, but they are comfortable in the size that I have now.  I want to compare the difference.  It’s an edging thing.  Mainly, I have to get used to wearing a shoe that has a single-piece sole instead of a split sole again.  I’ve been wearing split sole shoes for a while now, and the two are very different.  The Tarantulas smear well, I must say that for them!  I like the velcro, too.  I know that laces are supposed to give a more precise fit, but it’s not true in all cases.  I have some shoes that I will only wear the laced version of.  These, though, I like in the velcro style.  I’m also a huge fan of the original kiwi green and grey colors (no, not this year’s orange release).  The Tarantulas give a solid platform for the foot to work from because they are the single-piece sole variety.  I love the toe box!  None of my toes feel like they’re being deformed as we speak by forces unknown at odd angles!  There are a lot of ways to adjust the velcro straps on these shoes as well.  That is an awesome feature!  It makes them very versatile as far as customizing them to your individual foot volume and shape goes.  My footwork has to be precise, and I work on my footwork a lot.  These shoes don’t hinder that at all.  I think they’re going to be excellent sport climbing shoes because I can wear them for hours without discomfort.  That’s the advantage of a “beginner” shoe.  I’m not sure why they classify them that way.  Yes, they have a flat last, but that doesn’t make them useless to the intermediate or advanced climber!  Most advanced climbers that I’ve talked to want something comfortable!  There’s a time for performance, but that’s not what the quest is about for them.  It seems that the more experienced the climber is, the more they seek a comfortable and tolerable-for-more-than-five-minutes shoe!  I’ve seen people for whom it takes five minutes of struggling to get the shoe on!  And that’s only one shoe!  Overall, the Tarantula is going to work out well for me as a comfortable, long-wearing shoe for sport routes and roped climbs.

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