Lots of energy and motivation, ready to climb!!!

In a few minutes, right after I finish writing this blog post, I’m going to hop in my truck with my climbing gear and head over to the climbing gym for a good bouldering session! I’ve already got my fingers taped the way Lou showed me and I’m ready to go!  I just talked to my No. 1 climbing partner and he said he’s taking a break from all indoor climbing for a season.  Key word was “indoor”.  He said he’d still be up for outdoor climbing.  He’s got a second job now and that’s really going to help him get his feet under him again financially and straighten out his life a lot quicker.  He got hit with some unfortunate circumstances and, if this all works out, he should be able to get things back under control within a couple of months.  His main seasonal job looks like it might even run into the first part of November, so that’s a major plus, too, weather-permitting.  I was glad to see him this morning.  I’ve been wondering about him for a week and a half!  Another climbing buddy of mine – the one with the shoulder injury – got cleared to climb again on Tuesday, so she’s excited about that.  She seems a bit frustrated with the loss of endurance that six weeks off of climbing has brought along with it, but she’ll get it back in no time if she’s careful.

I’m in an interesting place with my climbing right now.  That’s a post I’ll work on later today.  Right now, I gotta get ready to go climbing!  Be back in a bit!

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