Feeling detached

I’m in an odd spot today with my mental status.  I feel like it should be “all systems go” as far as climbing goes, but I got to the gym and shut down.  I was really excited to climb at 0400 hrs this morning, then fell asleep outside the gym in my truck waiting for it to open at noon.  It took me a bit to really wake up again and then these four kids ages 8-10 or so came in with their parents.  Shouldn’t these kids be in school?  Regardless, they ran around screaming, yelling, and generally making it impossible for anyone to climb safely while their mothers and then their fathers dug out the Jimmy John’s meals and gabbed with their mouths full as if the rest of us were supposed to babysit their little maniacs for them.  Kids aren’t bad, and they learn by example.  They must be taught.  I’m not sure what parents don’t understand about this basic principle, but there’s definitely a disconnect!  One of the fathers finally got somewhat involved, to his credit, but that simply contained the behavior to one corner of the gym.  Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.  So my attitude is a little out of whack.  I decided that I’d leave and get something to eat before deciding to scrap the whole day as far as climbing goes.  I still want to climb!!!

My mental status is aloof and detached today, nevertheless, and regardless of how the rest of the day goes, I have a dissatisfaction brewing in my thoughts and feelings.  I really want to go test my new skills on a toproped outdoor 5.7 route or something!  I want to get outside and climb with some of my buddies!  I feel shut down in the bouldering gym because of the kids and the noise and the artificial problems with reaches that I can’t make and holds I can’t grip because the routes are so stiff for their grades!  I’m suffocating here!  I must climb!!!

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