Climbing with Lou and Leon today, having climbed for exactly 16 months!!!

I’m so excited!  Today marks exactly 16 months since I began climbing and I get to meet and climb with Lou Renner from California and his friend Leon!!!  Lou has been an important mentor to me from afar through the MyClimb app and, more recently, the MyClimb Fall Project Challenge 2017 Facebook website.  I’m excited to meet Leon “the Lion”, too!  I’ve been looking forward to this all summer!!!  Fires between Missoula and Helena are making it horribly smoky outdoors and the air quality is really bad all over the state right now, so I opted for this afternoon in the Spire climbing gym in Bozeman (hopefully they have a good filtration and ventilation system).  Spire should.  They’re not strangers to smoke from the forest fires, by any means.  I might lead climb.  It depends how I feel.  I haven’t lead climbed since my first attempt at leading and subsequent first lead fall (the inverted one!) back in May when I messed up my injured ankle again at The Ovens outside Red Lodge.  If I decide to lead climb today, I’ll have to get lead climb certified by a staff member, meaning I’ll have to take a lead fall in the gym, which I wouldn’t particularly be looking forward to, much less the test anxiety part of the whole thing.  We’ll see.  I might surprise myself!  Either way, I know Lou and Leon will understand.  I don’t feel pressure to impress anyone today.  I must be myself!!!  That’s who they want to meet, after all!  It’s nice not to feel pressure to impress anyone in this situation.  I feel comfortable with doing my best because that’s all I can do and that has to be enough, and I’ll be doing it with like-minded climbers!  It should be a great day!!!  I’m really looking forward to it!!!  😎😁😎😜

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