Lou just got to Bozeman last night!

Yes!  My friend Lou got to Bozeman last night!  How exciting!  We might finally get to meet and do some climbing together!  Lou has been an important friend and mentor of mine on MyClimb for over a year, now.  He’s always encouraged me and enabled me to push myself to do things that I didn’t think I could do in climbing.  Lou always asks the right questions and has helped me in so many ways – recovery, exploration, confidence, and training in climbing.  I am very grateful for his friendship and that he thinks highly enough of me to put together a trad rack and frame a painting of his to bring along with him when we meet!  I think very highly of him, too!!!  There are people – great people – that you meet in life at the most unexpected times through the most unexpected means that end up being the most…what’s the word (there’s more than one word, I’m sure)…empowering and invaluable catalysts to your life’s finest pursuits, and Lou is one of them for me.  I hope that I can offer him something in return.  Lou is a fantastic friend and mentor!  He’s always excited to hear of progress and to offer his hard-earned knowledge and wisdom.  When I “fall down”, so to speak, his words of encouragement and motivation help me get back on my feet and rise up stronger and more determined than ever!  I guess the key is having someone who believes in you, even when you don’t.  There are always moments of doubt in life, and climbing can really bring those out in an intense, scathing manner in the most precarious of places.  It’s important that you keep your head or have someone that can help you do that when the doubts get serious, especially when it comes to the realm of the steep.  My friend AJ is good at that, too.  When we go climbing and my doubts hit me hard and fast on the rock, AJ knows how to push me at least another 10′ farther up the route with his coaching and encouragement!  AJ is another of those great and invaluable people.  There are others in my life, but Lou is one that I haven’t actually met in person and climbed with, yet.  I’m so excited at the prospect!!!  He’s in my part of the world right now!!!  Only a little over a two-hour drive away is a fellow climber that I’m so excited to meet!!!  AJ wants to meet him, too.  AJ, Lou, and I are all doing the MyClimb Fall Project Challenge 2017.  It would be really cool if we could all get together!

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