The ankle is good!!! Hallelujah!!!

I woke up this morning and stepped out of bed with nothing but the average soreness that I have in my joints.  I next, with some sense of dread, walked to the bathroom.  No pain in the ankle that I tweaked yesterday.  Okay, the real test: range of motion.  I moved it in all sorts of ways and it didn’t hurt any worse than my good ankle, so we’re in good shape!!!  I do realize that, since I did actually hurt my ankle yesterday, I need to be extra careful with it, but I’m going to test it at the climbing gym today and make sure it’s good to go for this weekend.  That will be the ultimate test!  If it passes, which I’m hoping it will, then we’ll be golden!!!  I might tape my ankle just to prevent any damage that might occur during my session today and support it a little bit.  After all, I did tweak it pretty good yesterday.  It hurt last night and I had to ice it, so it’s not 100%.  I’m just glad that I don’t have to put my brace back on!!!  I’m avoiding that at all costs, because it would really set me back in my climbing and I’m three and a half weeks into the MyClimb Fall Project Challenge 2017.  It would be tragic to have something like that hold me back in my goals for that!  Obviously enough, I’m not going to just quit striving to reach those goals the moment that the Challenge ends, but I’m working on this as a project and I want to continue with as few extra difficulties as possible.  So, after my climbing gym session today, I’ll let you know how my body did, especially my ankle.  Updates pending…

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