So, I got my husband his anniversary gift yesterday and I really hope he likes it.  He’s still in bed because it’s early in the morning, and I still want to get him a card.  I might even leave it unsigned so that he can reuse it, because he’s fond of doing that.  I’ll just put a piece of paper in the card that says what I want it to say instead of signing the actual card.  I wonder if he’ll remember it’s our anniversary???  I wrote it on the calendar at the beginning of the month, so he should be able to look at it and see that today marks 12 years of being married!  It’s okay if he forgets.  I don’t get mad about that kind of thing.  He’s good to me and gets me things all year round, so I don’t limit myself to specific dates, either.  When something good comes up, we get it for each other.  I’m really stoked to see how he reacts to his anniversary gift later today though!  I wonder how it’ll go…  About two months ago, he asked if I could teach him to belay and I excitedly told him that I could, so this will make it possible for him to do so.  I have an extra GriGri, so he’ll be set when he wants to learn!!!  He went over to an elderly lady’s house last night to fix her gate for her dogs and she offered to let him cut some of her roses for me, so I’m sure he remembered our anniversary.  Updates pending, hehehe…

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