Tomorrow is my 12th wedding anniversary

Wow, it’s been one day short of 12 years married to my husband!  How time flies.  Especially when you’re still trying to think of a gift to get your husband the day before your 12th wedding anniversary!!!  Actually, I know exactly what I’m going to get him, and I have for a month.  If he bothers to read my blog post, which I highly doubt he will do, he will know exactly what he’s getting tomorrow: a climbing harness.  He demonstrated interest in learning to belay and asked me about it a couple of months ago, so I decided I would wait until climbing harnesses go on sale at Steep World.  Guess what…  Climbing harnesses are on sale!!!  I’m going to pick one up for him today (hopefully they still have the one that I looked at that was his size).  He’ll never guess what it is unless he reads my blog!  Watch. He’ll probably read my blog this one time just because I’m counting on him not to read it, but that’s okay.  He’ll be receiving his gift tomorrow, anyway, so it’s not a big deal. If it was a month out or two weeks out, it’d be different.  We have this rule about gifts: if you can guess what it is, you can open the gift early.  I don’t think he knows what to get me, either, so we’re in the same boat this year, haha!

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