Solar Eclipse 2017

Well, the solar eclipse today was interesting.  The street lamps and business signs with light sensors in them lit up midday as if the sun was setting.  It was darker than usual and a strange coolness in the air dropped the temperature 10 degrees or so.  It was like the winter sun giving off light, but no heat to speak of.  One could say it was rather chilly while still being 72 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  This lasted for about an hour and then the heat began to be felt again, the light brightened, and daytime resumed as it would normally be.  I experienced this from Billings, Montana.  From Casper, Wyoming, the totality band was supposed to be a spectacular show of the full solar eclipse.  I wonder how many pairs of solar glasses were sold?  My doctor said that one could look at it through a welding helmet with glass that was No. 14 or darker.  My husband did this, and he said that the shadows of the trees on the ground had a primary and secondary nature, like that of 3-D images, one chasing the other across the ground.  The next solar eclipse is supposed to be in 2024 or so.

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