My faithful friend: the Ten Sleep Brewing Co. dog


This dog is, without a doubt, the most friendly and gentle dog I’ve ever met.  He escorted me back and forth wherever I wandered the second night of my trip to Ten Sleep when the aggressive dog of a nearby camper was barking incessantly and I was sleepless both due to that and the failure of my battery for my BiPAP machine.  He was my guardian that night, always right by my side, and camped out near wherever I was, be it the porta-potty, the tent, or the truck, until I stirred and wandered next.  He is my hero of the day.  I almost wonder if he might not be a retired service dog because he sensed my uneasiness and took actions that a service dog would.  Regardless, he’s a great dog, and I commend him.  If you meet this dog, pet him gently, give him some loves, and tell him he’s a good boy, because he certainly is!

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