A Ten Sleep photo! “Remember Ten Sleep.”


This is a photo of me on my final attempt of my final problem for this trip to Ten Sleep.  This captures the pure movement that I got into quite well!  My climbing buddy Emily takes all of these photos of me, and I have to give her great credit for taking some really cool “action shots” of me.  She always captures at least one good photo of me that shows off my good side (no, not my butt), meaning that she can make me look like a real climber!  She gets me in my “turn it on” stances when I’m really striving to reach the next hold.  So thank you, Emily, for the awesome pics!!!

To my faithful readers, I sincerely apologize for not getting a blog post up yesterday.  I went on a spur-of-the-moment walk with Emily at Swords Park along the Rims and then was invited to set routes with a crew that I had never set routes with before in the climbing gym.  I took them up on the invite, which came during my walk with Emily, and I helped set routes the rest of the day.  It ended up being an awesome set!  I tried setting my route a different way than I have set previous routes, and it worked out.  I set a green V1 on the Crack Wall that flows well and has movement to it.  I like that.  I built the whole route from the ground up and actually fore-ran the moves as I set the route.  My goal yesterday was to set something that had movement that I could climb.  It worked out well.  I can now start at the crux of a problem or the beginning of the problem in my setting methods and have it work out.  I love learning the art of route setting!!!  It’s so much fun and such a creative outlet for me!

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