Business cards and stickers

MOO is this interesting company that I have done a lot of business with personally.  I like their products and their prices.  They have their own “MOO-size” business cards, which are more square than the standard business card.  They have business card holders for these as well.  They have stickers and postcards, all completely customizable to the nth degree.  The finishes available for their business cards are really nice.  So why do I need a business card?  Well, they make good bookmarks.  They are also handy when I meet someone new at the gym and nobody has a pen or paper and our hands are all covered with chalk so we can’t write on our hands even if we do have a pen.  I always put my P.O. Box number on my business cards in case I don’t want them to know where I live.  I can always add that part with a pen, should we ever track one down…  I like to have something that I designed to give people, too.  I get to choose the images that go on my business cards, and on the ones I just ordered this morning, I chose a photo of me climbing and the photo that I posted yesterday.  In the past, I have put “instructions” to myself on my business cards, so that I can pull one out and read it if I’m in some type of trouble with my PTSD.  To others, it’s just a poem.  To me, it’s something to focus on and the instructions to follow that lead me to a better place in my thinking.  I can also advertise my blog on my business cards!  Stickers are cool because they feature my image(s) of choice and are great to put on letters to people I know.  And who doesn’t like stickers?

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