Climbing makes life good

I am just sitting here thinking of how much I love climbing and how good life is because I get to climb.  It’s something I get to do that makes me happy.  😁   Think of that.  Happiness.  How many of us actually have it and how often?  Can you think of an activity in your own life that makes you happy every time you do it?  Maybe for you it’s fishing or camping with your family, or going to lift weights at the gym, or going for a run by yourself…  It could be anything, but ask yourself, “Do I have something like that in my life?”  If you can’t pin anything down or the answer is a very flat and substantial, “No,” then I would implore you in earnest to find something – that something – that really makes you happy!  There’s something out there for everyone.  There really is.  You must find it, though – it must be discovered.  It’s not hiding.  No, it’s waiting for you to come to it in your search for happiness, and whether that meeting between you and it is the result of a friend’s suggestion or a blind twitch you had in the middle of the night matters not.  What does matter is that you find it!!!  Find that thing, whatever it is, that makes you happy and gives you true joy every time you do it!  Give yourself to that, as long as it’s healthy (I’m in no way, shape, or form talking about drugs, alcohol, or other mind-altering substances or unhealthy or illegal addictive behaviors here).  For me, it’s climbing.  I’ve searched all my life for that thing that makes me truly happy every time I do it or think about it.  I’m on the brink of turning 37 years old, and it was just less than 16 months ago that I found climbing through the strong suggestion of my psychiatrist, who was a rock climber in his younger days.  I was hooked the first time I tried it on the very day that it was suggested to me!  I never would’ve dreamt it, but climbing is the ticket for me!  You have to be willing to try new things, though.  It can be intimidating, even outright frightening, to try new things, especially by yourself, but I promise that you’ll find what you’re looking for and no experience is a waste of time.  You didn’t like the last thing you tried?  Well, at least now you know that you don’t like it because you tried it.  Try some things out!  We have one very short life to live and we might as well live it in happiness and health, don’t you think?  Explore.  Try things out, however unlikely they may be to please you.  Discover what your passion is and run with it!!!  For me, climbing makes life good and livable and happy.  Discover your something…

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