“Remember Ten Sleep.”

I’m still experiencing my “happy high” from Ten Sleep.  I’m still sore and negotiate steps and stairs like an 83-year-old, but my mental status is all systems go!  My doctor was impressed with the effects that the trip has had on me.  “I think it’s interesting that going on this climbing trip has almost completely taken care of most of your symptoms from last week – like all the problems from last week just aren’t as important right now.  So, it makes me wonder, how important were they, anyway?”  Well, they were everything at the time, but then you go on a trip and get away from them and go climbing and camping for a few days, and they’re really petty.  “Well, you went and did some serious stuff.  That’s not nothing.  I mean, climbing’s deadly serious and it has real consequences, and you enjoyed it.  So, how important is all that other stuff, really?”  It’s not.  But when you get stuck in it for a while and that’s all there is, then it gets to you.  “I’m not saying that those problems aren’t still there and that they won’t come back, but when they do, just try to think of how you feel after this trip.  Other people’s expectations are going to be there, but you have to remember your own.”  We got up to end our meeting, and he said, “Remember Ten Sleep,” as he shook my hand.  I will.

I was going to go to the state fair with my mom yesterday, but the parking lot is a steep approach, so we opted for lunch instead.  The really great part was that my mom said, “Well, you’ll have to tell me all about your climbing thing,” as we walked into the restaurant to eat.  For a moment, I wondered what alien being had possessed my mother.  She actually wanted to hear about my climbing trip to Ten Sleep!  She’s the one who brought it up!  Not that I wasn’t going to bring it up, because I certainly was, but I was ecstatic that my mom wanted to hear about my climbing experiences!  It was a pleasant surprise, to say the least!  So, I proceeded to tell my mom all about our climbing trip and everything that went with it over lunch.  I did manage to ask her how she was doing and what she had done over the weekend.  She talked about thinking that her decision to retire was a good decision, and that she had plenty to do, and that she felt like it was the right decision.  I encouraged her and told her my thoughts on it, which were that she had worked all her life and it was time to do what she wanted to and be able to do it whenever she wanted to.  I realized then that my mom just wanted to spend some time with me and talk.  She wanted to talk to me.  That was a really good feeling.  I told her that I enjoy our time together, and she said, “I do, too.”  She needed somebody to bounce her retirement decision off of and I was honored to be that person.  I was also impressed that she wanted to hear about my climbing adventures and I was glad to have her listen and accept that climbing is a big part of my life now.  I think it was good for both of us.  It made me happy.  It made her happy.  Points for my “happy high”!  We decided that, since we didn’t go to the fair this year and, therefore, didn’t get our customary cup of awesome lemonade from this one particular stand, that we’d make our own lemonade one of these days!  I’m looking forward to making lemonade with my mom!  That should be a fun time, and we’ll have to make sure we have a photographer for all the sour faces, hahaha!!!

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