Braved the climbing gym today!

Well, I had the climbing bug back again today, after taking yesterday completely off from climbing everything except stairs. I decided to go to the climbing gym and see if I could just stretch out a little bit since I’m so tight and sore. I took a nap right before I went at noon and got there at around half past. McKenzie and Michelle showed up to climb, too! Michelle didn’t get to do any climbing at Ten Sleep over the weekend because her back was out. Bummer! We had seen her at the brewery Friday night. Today, though, she was trying out some new Tenaya climbing shoes at the gym. The gym actually got quite busy while I was there. Most of them were familiar faces. I managed to get my Solutions on (still covered with dirt from Ten Sleep) and approached the warm up wall to see what I could do. I was able to traverse half of it, which isn’t far at all. I decided to stretch on the mat a bit. It was incredibly painful at first, but as the muscles got used to a bit of stretching and a bit of movement, the pain lessened somewhat. I told Chad all about our trip to Ten Sleep between traverse attempts. He asked about Emily and I told her she had not climbed, but had instead taken photos. I kept my time at the gym short today. Moving around on the wall was enough for today. I accomplished my goal of just stretching and now feel a bit less pain. Good enough for today!

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