Climbing lessons learned from Ten Sleep

I was watching the GoPro footage just now from our climbing trip to Ten Sleep Canyon this weekend and I noticed several things there as well as from my observations that were not recorded on video anywhere.  There are some things I need to work on:

  1. Approach stamina.  I need to pack a 50-60 lb. pack up and down the Swords Park trail here in Billings to get used to hauling my own extra weight plus the weight of a pack containing climbing gear and a rope up and down steep terrain.  This trail would be a start.  That way, I could lighten my own load of excess weight and gain the endurance necessary for some of these steep, switchback approaches to crags that I want to climb on.
  2. Reading the sequence and visualizing the climb.  I need to practice seeing myself on the wall and using the holds I have picked out ahead of time on the crag, seeing them through to success, ie. a clean send.  This is a powerful tool and I need to learn to use it better.  I am beginning to learn to use visualization and reading sequences, and I need to get a lot better at it!
  3. Controlled breathing.  I listened to my breathing patterns on the footage from the GoPro as I was climbing, and it’s clearly something I must work on!  I need to focus on deep, controlled breathing instead of faster, inefficient breathing.  More oxygen will get to my muscles that way and I won’t pump out as fast or tire as easily.
  4. Straight arms.  Evidently, as witnessed by my climbing buddies, my arms are almost always flexed instead of straight.  Straightening my arms would go a long way toward not pumping out so fast and being able to climb longer and more easily.
  5. Losing weight.  I neither need nor want to carry this amount of excess weight up and down approaches and crags.  I have to lose weight for my own health and so I can climb better!!!  I want to get into the best shape of my life!!!

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