Sleepless in Ten Sleep

After two glasses of golden ale last night at the brewery, I turned in early. Unfortunately, since I hadn’t hooked my battery up to the solar panels during the day yesterday, my battery died and with it, my BiPAP machine. Therefore, snoring was inevitable, and I decided to go sleep in the truck in order to afford my friends some peace and quiet. There was another noise issue, though: an aggressive, barking dog belonging to the fellow in the tent next to us and parked in the car next to my truck… It was the frothing at the mouth and bared teeth with the menacing growl that worried me about this situation every time I left the tent. The dog living at the brewery, a golden lab, escorted me everywhere I went last night, always waiting right where he had seen me last to guard me wherever I went. He watched over me and kept me safe, protecting me. I truly love that dog.

As you can imagine, I got precious little sleep in the truck, more due to the beer than to the sheer exhaustion and pain from my extreme climbing day of giving my all on every climb, not to mention the approach there and back. I was dozing at best. I would check my phone for the time. A mere 20 minutes had passed each time. It was a long, sleepless night without my BiPAP.

This morning, we are cooking chili for breakfast. It will be a substantial meal for us, and a much-needed one for me. I feel like hell, honestly, but I’m going to climb my heart out again today! I gave everything I had yesterday, and today will be no different! I shall overcome!!!

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