The cell reception up here is phenomenal! Checking in early…


Good morning, for some of us. I need a better sleeping pad…and I need to lose some weight. Last night it got down to around 50 degrees, though, so a little extra fat and a jacket helped! I love the cool night air and the smells out here in the country. Free range hens with their chicks roam around this morning, along with an antelope and her young one. I hear the crowing of roosters and the answer of a coyote nearby. Small songbirds attend to me as my morning medicine and the Tylenol kick in, chased by a Mountain Dew, sworn off three weeks ago, of course. My tent mates are still resting, so I decided to check in early. Today should be a fine day. It is rather smoky in the canyon from fires in neighboring states. I don’t think anybody has asthma in our crew, but I definitely notice the effects of the smoke on my respiratory system this morning. The breeze is supposed to be a mild 6 mph today, so it will move a bit of air around for us. I feel humbled and privileged to be in such a place, with the near prospect of enjoying the rock here when we begin to climb. It is a beautiful and powerful place, which no photo can render justice to. Have a good day, my friends. I shall have my report ready this evening! Ten Sleep…the adventure begins!

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