Slavery Wall and Dreamland at Ten Sleep

Let me just impress upon you the length and strenuous nature of the approaches here in Ten Sleep Canyon. The approach alone was almost enough to wipe me out for the day! The approach that I tackled was that leading from the highway up to Slavery Wall and Dreamland in the Mondo Beyondo area of the canyon. Once there, I rested a good while before attempting any climbing.  There were butterflies everywhere and I heard the sharp snapping rattle of the grasshoppers’ wings as they flew from here to there. I managed to make it up to the wall that AJ and James were working on.

I made multiple attempts at sending Fake Snake, a 4-bolt 5.7 on the Slavery Wall. Six, to be exact. I was so close! I wanted it so bad! My muscles just wouldn’t cooperate to finish the route!!! After giving up on that route, I belayed AJ on Beer Bong, a 5.10b route. It was a crazy route! At one point, AJ turned outward away from the rock in a chimney at the top and was facing me! What a route! I attempted it twice, but didn’t get off the ground hardly. I was exhausted!

Once we had descended the approach, I was done for! I drove my crew to the approach of Denial Wall and could go no farther! I unintentionally napped for an hour during the time they were up climbing in that area. I saw James from a distance high up on the crag wall, then woke up with poor eye focus about an hour later. The crew returned safe and sound (and noticeably tired) about two hours later.

Back to Ten Sleep we went. We had pizza and beer at The Brewery. AJ and James played cribbage as they had last night. I was so tired and sore… Thank the good Lord for Tylenol! It did offer some relief. So did the beer!

So now I’m sitting here letting autocorrect ruin my fading typing skills as I become more and more inebriated. Autocorrect. If I ever get ahold of him, I’ll wring his neck! A quarter of a glass of beer left, and then I’m going to the tent to lie down. Maybe. I would like to very much – I’ll put it that way.

Updates pending, as always… We’ll see how this turns out!

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