Yet again, had I been climbing, it wouldn’t have happened that way…

I will learn my lesson someday.  I pride myself on being a fast learner, but for some reason, that doesn’t apply to dealing with relationships (especially the close ones).  I was spending time with my husband when I would have otherwise been climbing yesterday, and all kinds of disagreeable fallout occurred.  Yet again, had I been climbing, it wouldn’t have happened that way…  How many times do we have to go through this?  The current general rule in my life is: Go climbing, and everything works more smoothly with everyone.  Well, I didn’t go climbing yesterday and now my poor doctor’s going to be worried about me because I left him an e-mail detailing the issue(s) and how I was feeling about them (incredibly strongly negative).  I do, however, need a solution to this, and it’s probably something like CLIMBING.  Duh.  🙄  Climbing really does work wonders in my life and is the best emotion regulation/distress tolerance skill and tool that I have.  So why don’t I use it all the time?  Yesterday this string of issues with my significantly other came hot on the heels of an unexpected visit from my mom that turned out well, but was still over a stressful topic for me to discuss and a lot of neurotransmitters were released in my brain.  I was shocked at how easy that whole thing was and wanted to tell my husband about it, which I didn’t think was going to be a problem at all, but it turned out to be.  I should’ve just gone climbing and let the neurotransmitters get cleaned up a bit before doing anything else with anyone else.  It might have gone differently – better – if I had gone climbing and burned off some toxicity to get some better chemicals released into my bloodstream first.  That also would’ve given me some time to better process what happened.  My more specific rule is going to have to be as follows: When stressed, for whatever reason, go climbing immediately before engaging in any other interactions or decision-making.   We’ll see how that works.  I have an idea that it will work much better.  If I can keep that edict in my brain!  JUST CLIMB!!!

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