Week One of the MyClimb Challenge

Redpointed my first indoor 5.7, lost four pounds, cut soda out of my diet completely, ate smaller portions, worked harder at the climbing gym, got my stress levels from astronomically high down to moderately high, no new injuries, having some pain and swelling issues with my right ankle (old military injury) that are settling down somewhat, and found some future projects at the Bozeman climbing gym to work on (please don’t let them reset those routes until I get my shot at them!).  That’s the summary version.

This last week was one of hard work.  I went to Dubois with my mother to work on a few things and make sure that nothing was horribly wrong with their place down there.  Next year, we’re going to have to spend more time down there.  We did what needed to be done this year, though.  I found the bullet holes from last year’s break-in of the house, so that made me feel better.  I knew they had to be there!  Lots of travel.  Lots of work at almost double the elevation I’m used to being at, which tires you out really quickly!  I made two trips to Bozeman, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, to climb at the gym there.  I bouldered on Saturday and climbed roped routes on Sunday.  I climbed hard both days (three hours both days).

In a nutshell, I feel good about the past week for the most part.  My hands feel like they are going to turn into those of Hercules this morning!  Iron grip time!!!  I’m a bit tired, but I’ll have to recuperate quickly and keep at it this coming week because next weekend is our trip to Ten Sleep Canyon to climb!!!  YES!!!  SO PSYCHED!!!

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