Spent the day at Spire again today

The drive to Bozeman was relaxing.  😎  I got to the climbing gym, checked in, and took my time preparing to climb.  Today, I climbed routes using the auto-belays.  My warm-up route was an attempt or three on a purple 5.8.  I got about half way up and bailed.  Next, I approached a purple 5.7…and redpointed it!  My first indoor 5.7!!!  I went to exhaustion on it and had to rest for quite some time in order to recover.  After a while, I took my harness off and ordered a sandwich delivery from Jimmy John’s because I was flat out of energy.  I let that settle a bit while I looked over a route in the old part of the gym that I wanted to attempt.  It was a purple 5.8.  If I had been fresh and it had been my main project of the day, I could have finished it.  Alas, I only made it half way and then my grip began to fail.  Next, I looked at a blue 5.7 in the old part of the gym.  Again, half way up and my grip failed.  Both of those routes in the old part of the gym are doable for me.  I know I can send them!!!  I decided that it was time to pack up and go.  The drive back from Bozeman to Billings was somewhat stressful, as there were many more people driving (and very poorly) on the road than there had been this morning.  I stopped at The Fort in Big Timber and bought a sandwich and some chips to eat for supper.  Upon arriving back at my apartment, I showered and changed into some clean clothes.  My husband had put out the perfect towel – my favorite – for me to dry off with.  A nice ending to a good day of climbing.

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