I let the updates from our trip to The Island marinate overnight…

IF YOU’RE SQUEAMISH, YOU PROBABLY SHOULD NOT READ THIS POST.  That’s my disclaimer.  Good, now that we got that bit of business out of the way, Emily was leading a 5.8 called “In With The New” when she reached with her right arm at full extension and dislocated her shoulder.  AJ lowered her carefully and we sat her down on a large rock.  She was close to passing out and shock was not far behind.  I assessed her shoulder and AJ held onto her (and she onto AJ) while I knelt next to her on the affected side and leveraged her shoulder back into place.  It was a definitive sound and large, solid movement back into place after several attempts were made.  AJ even felt it!  Yes!  Thank God it went back into place before she passed out!  It was fairly cool in the canyon or she would have passed out, but things being as they were, she was fine…until 30 minutes or so later.  She decided to show me her range of motion because she wanted to toprope a route that AJ was going to lead and I was going to toprope when she raised her arm over her head while rotating it and her shoulder dislocated again.  This time, I had to let the muscles relax because they were holding her shoulder out of place since they were tense.  Again, AJ on one side holding her and I kneeling on the affected side, several attempts were made before I finally got the shoulder back into place.  We called it a day!  DQ and a Bawlz run were our last stops on our way out of Cody.

Emily called me later after her parents had taken her to the walk-in clinic and the X-rays showed nothing out of the ordinary.  The doctor did some simple range of motion tests with her moving her elbow in circles, etc. to make sure the shoulder was in place properly and it was.  There was no grinding or catching, so there shouldn’t be anything floating around in the joint to complicate things.  She’s going to be seeing an orthopedist as soon as she gets the appointment set up on Monday.  In the meantime, two weeks on aggressive doses of Advil and in a sling is her main task.

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