The count-down to our Ten Sleep trip…

I’m trying to amass all the non-climbing gear that we will need for our two-night, three-day Ten Sleep trip the second weekend in August.  I have two tents, two sleeping bags, a solar-rechargable battery to run my BiPAP machine (and other stuff) with, solar panels to recharge the battery if necessary (I also have an inverter in my truck), sporks, a camp knife for cutting food, biodegradable soap, and all kinds of first aid stuff.  I’m trying to find out what AJ and Emily have or do not have so that we can figure out what we still need to beg, steal, or borrow.  Actually, we wouldn’t steal.  Scratch that.

As far as climbing gear goes, I’m going to go through my crag pack to see what exactly is in there so that I can lighten the load some if possible.  I know there’s a ton of first aid stuff in there, but it’s for good reason.  I’m just not sure that we need all of it along with us while actually climbing.  It’s always good to be prepared and I tend to over-prepare due to my military background.  I don’t want to haul more in my pack than is necessary, though!  Some of the approaches are 45 minutes to an hour just to get to the crag!!!  And approaches aren’t like walking down a nice, smooth, level sidewalk!  They are likely uphill, winding, overgrown, and require some (if not a lot of) scrambling with all of your gear!  For a 5′ 2 1/2″ person like me, scrambling can turn into bouldering very easily!!!  I think that, between the three of us, we have all the gear we need, though.  We’re not short on anything.  I’ve got a couple of 60m ropes and a couple of 70m ropes, and the rest is just stuff that we use every chance we get to climb outside.  Harnesses, belay devices, quickdraws, anchors, carabiners, personal anchor systems, Prusik cords, climbing shoes, chalk bags, chalk (which I might take a bit extra of), brain buckets…

This trip is going to be great!  I can’t wait to go to Ten Sleep with AJ and Emily!  So excited!!!

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