Quantifying goals for the MyClimb Fall Project Challenge

I am going to be participating in MyClimb’s Fall Project Challenge beginning 01 Aug 2017 and ending 01 Nov 2017.  I have to come up with a goal or some goals to work toward for this challenge and they have to be things that a weekly report can be done on and feedback given for by the group.  There are five levels of goals that Lou described and mine are going to be in the Level 4-5 range, by the looks of things.  So many goals, yet I have to quantify them somehow into measurable entities that progress can be clearly seen with.  The other thing is that I have to choose some that are reasonable to work toward within the three-month time period.

So, let’s start with where I’m at.  Baseline.  I can boulder V1 indoors.  I have not yet sent a boulder problem outdoors (because I haven’t tried many).  I can toprope 5.6 indoors.  I can toprope 5.5 outdoors.  I can lead climb outdoors.  I am 36 years old and will have a birthday during this challenge.  I weigh 269 lbs. at present.  I’m not afraid to try new things.  As a matter of fact, the only thing that kind of freaks me out about climbing is the indoor auto-belay.  Don’t ask me why.  I’m getting over that, though.  I’m forcing myself to get over it.  Anyway, back to baseline stats.  I have attempted many 5.7, 5.8, and 5.9 routes outdoors and indoors.  I can get about a third to halfway up these before I pump out.  My power endurance is low.  I get winded and tired on approaches, sometimes cramping up, especially on steep ones.  I tend not to climb to exhaustion, which puts me hardcore at the 40% of the 40% Rule – I only give 40% of what I’m capable of for some reason.  Climbing is my passion in life.  Definitely.  I love climbing (wouldn’t be alive without it) and I want to improve my climbing skills.  I am very big on good, solid technique and movement.  Right now, I know how to boulder and how to sport climb.  I love to learn!  I am not a fearful person.  I sometimes overthink things instead of just doing them.  I set routes in the gym with help from AJ if I need it.

Now, let’s pull some goals out of the baseline stats.  These aren’t going to be the refined “final answer” sort.  They’re going to be any worthy goal that I can think of and may fall outside a three-month timeline for completion.  We’ll worry about that later.  I want to push my limits.  I want to be able to climb 5.14 outdoors, sport and possibly trad.  I want to learn to trad climb.  I want to learn to multi-pitch climb.  I want to be able to boulder V10 outdoors.  I want know how to use gear if I need to on a climb.  I want to lose excess fat and get my weight down to 140 lbs.  I want to regain muscle and strength that I used to have, plus some.  I want to have great power endurance.  I want to have fantastic technique most of the time.  I want to have pure movement across the wall most of the time.  I want to get into the best shape of my life, meaning being able to lift and carry at least 240 lbs, do more than 52 push-ups in 2 minutes, be able to do 32 pull-ups in 2 minutes, etc. (be able to do all the things I could do in the military and then some).  I want to give every climb everything I’ve got – go to exhaustion!  I want to become a really good route setter and get USAC Level 1 certified (at the very least, meaning that I will need to be able to climb V3 and 5.10 consistently).  I want to be able to complete approaches to climbing areas without being almost completely exhausted before I even climb.  I want to improve my determination and willpower.  I want to be able to do one-armed pull-ups and levers – I want a great degree of strength to go along with even better technique.  Most of all, I want to always be happy climbing.  I want climbing to remain my passion in life and a joy to engage in.  Climbing makes me extremely happy.  I don’t want that to change!

Okay.  Goals that are reasonable and doable within the three-month timeline of the MyClimb Fall Project Challenge.  Generally speaking, I can lose weight, gain strength, gain power endurance, improve technique, movement across the rock, sport climbing grade level, and bouldering grade level, get into better shape overall, become a better route setter and work toward certification, learn the basics of trad climbing, climb to exhaustion, and remain happy when climbing.  Now we need to get specific.


  1.  Lose 25 lbs. by 01 Nov 2017.  Goal weight: 244 lbs.
  2. Climb V3 consistently by 01 Nov 2017.
  3. Climb 5.10a consistently by 01 Nov 2017.
  4. Learn the basics of trad climbing by 01 Nov 2017.

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