Going to spend time climbing at The Island today!!!

Super stoked!!!  To The Island we go!  It sounds like a trip to the Caribbean, doesn’t it?  AJ, Emily, and I are going to Cody for a day of climbing.  Nothing beats the outdoors for climbing.  Seriously.  I love the fresh air, the sounds of nature, and real rock to climb on!  I also love great climbing buddies, people I can trust with my life, and all the ridiculous humor that gets passed around as we go about doing what we all love – climbing!  AJ did a guided climb for a client yesterday, so I’ll be interested to see how sunburned he already is.  I’m bringing plenty of sunscreen.  It’s forecasted to be 85 degrees, sunny, and 0% chance of precipitation with an 11mph breeze.  Let’s hope they overestimated the temperature (though I doubt it), but other than that, ideal conditions should prevail!  I’m looking forward to our trips this weekend.  Today, The Island.  Tomorrow, Spire (Bozeman climbing gym).  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though.  We must savor every moment of today.  Tomorrow is its own day.  Today, we go to the Shoshone Canyon outside Cody to climb granite and possibly some basalt.

I’m definitely going to need a little wake-me-up (Mountain Dew) this morning.  I climbed last evening and did a sort of circuit-type session.  I sent or attempted a problem, then rested for three minutes, which were timed on my stopwatch (yes, an honest-to-goodness old-fashioned, stand-alone stopwatch because I still believe in those).  Then I would send or attempt another problem and rest for another three minutes.  I did that five times, as not to over-tire myself for this weekend.  I’m every-so-slightly sore and a bit stiff this morning, but I think that will be good once I stretch and get limbered up at the crag.  It’ll feel like just another day climbing.  I think that’s a good approach endurance-wise because I need to increase my endurance and recovery times greatly.  Those are only a couple of the many aspects of my climbing that I’m trying to improve!  I could do an entire blog post on just that!  That might actually be a good idea…

You have a great day, yourself!  Hopefully it’ll be a great day climbing for you as well!  Thank you for reading!  For us, as always, updates pending…

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