My go-to climbing shoe: La Sportiva Solutions

I know there are plenty of reviews out there about La Sportiva’s Solution climbing shoe, but I’d like to add my two cents because they are more than just a bouldering shoe for me.  I wear a size 38.5 EU in the men’s Solutions and they feel great as far as how a climbing shoe should fit.  I do like to take them off between climbs, which is an even better feeling, but that aside, the Solutions fit my feet and have a design which makes them my go-to shoe for both bouldering and sport climbing.  Sport climbing?  Yes, sport climbing.  The two-part sole gives my feet the freedom to flex and grab holds on the rock face to pull myself in and stay close to the wall.  The toe of the Solutions allows me to place my feet precisely and use microscopic footholds, or smear outright if I need to, with no problem whatsoever.  When I strategically stick my toe on a spot, it holds.  They edge fantastically as well.  Need to toe hook?  No problem!  That’s why the way they fit in the toe is so important.  Yes, there are more comfortable shoes to climb in, but I need that fit to channel the force directly to my toes for the best opportunity to send a route.  There is just enough width in the toe box, but not too much.  I need that bit of width for my wider forefoot.  The forefoot of the sole is the perfect shape for my foot, and the heel is not baggy or too wide, either, making the heel of the Solutions perfect, too.  The rubber on the sole of the Solutions is top-notch for grabbing and sticking.  It’s soft enough (but not too soft) to really hold to the rock and stay there until I want it to move.  Heels hooks are just as important as toe hooks and both apply in roped climbing as well as in bouldering.  The heels don’t have any dead air space in them when I put them on.  They fit my feet like gloves, and that’s crucial!  I need to have the confidence that my climbing shoes can do anything I want them to do within the realm of possibility, and I have that confidence in my Solutions.  Precision footwork, top-notch technique, and amazing feats in the steep are possible for me as long as I have my La Sportiva Solutions on!  They become part of my body, and I appreciate the design of this shoe so much!!!  La Sportiva did a great job designing this shoe.  Climb on, Solutions!!!

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