A very cool print!

I found this fellow that does custom prints.  He uses words and phrases that you provide him with to compose the image, in my case, a climber hanging from a rock ledge by one arm.  In other words, it’s a word image.  If you don’t quite understand what I’m talking about, I will post a photo of it when it arrives.  It will take a few days, possibly a week and a half even, because it’s coming from the UK, but I’m really excited to get it.  The fellow sent me two versions of the print to choose from.  One had the words positioned horizontally and vertically, and the other had the words positioned diagonally at unique angles to make up the image.  The font is of different sizes for various words, too, in order to make the image very clear and, at the same time, express what the words are saying effectively.  I chose the image that had the words positioned diagonally because it gave a rugged, dynamic feel to the crag and the climber both.  I also got to choose one free print along with my order.  One print will be framed and ready to hand on the wall!  YES!!!  The really cool thing is that this fellow happened to arrange the words and the sizes of certain words in such a way as to highlight the right things in the right places, so to speak.  I love the way he arranged the whole thing!  It was difficult to choose between the prints, because both were fantastic!  The really nice thing is that, the more words and phrases you provide him with, the more he can do with them and the less he has to repeat words and phrases to complete the image.  I am very impressed and can’t wait to get my prints in the mail!!!  This one, of course, was climbing-themed, so I provided him with all kinds of climbing terminology, locations I’ve climbed, phrases that I use, equipment I use, names of people whom I have climbed with and who have given me valuable guidance and advice, the date I started climbing, etc.  This is going to be great!!!

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