Ready for Natural Bridge climbing!!! Geck on Deck!!!

AJ, Emily, and I are going to Natural Bridge climbing today.  YES!!!  I’m going to climb today!!!  OUTDOORS!!!  In the shade, thankfully, since the weather forecast is predicting a high of 88 degrees with a strong 13mph breeze and a 20% chance of rain, likely to be an afternoon thunderstorm.  I’m excited to see what Emily thinks of The Foyer, where we’ll be climbing today.  An interesting erosion pattern exists in this corridor.  On one wall, the limestone is very sharp and jagged, and then you turn right around and the limestone wall behind you is very slopey and smoother from water erosion (not that there aren’t some sharp spots).  There’s a route there that I have made my project.  It’s called “Labors of Lust” and it’s a 5.10a route that is: WARNING! BETA ALERT! BEGIN READING AGAIN AFTER THE ITALICS END (NEXT PARAGRAPH) IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW!  a lieback ledge angling to the left for almost the entire route after you actually get a few feet off the deck, and then the crux is the last move to the chain anchors at the top.  This is THE move that makes it a 5.10a route.  The rest of the route, according to my trusted climbing partner AJ, is around 5.7-5.8 in grade.  In other words, DOABLE!!!

Okay.  Safely out of beta territory, if you were worried.  I’m looking forward to working on a few other routes in The Foyer as well.  I will stick to toproping for today because I want to let my ankle fully and solidly recover for our trip to Ten Sleep coming up in August.  I also want AJ to teach me to clean a route properly for the same purpose at some point.  That way everybody knows the basics when we go to Ten Sleep and AJ won’t have to hawk-eye us.  We will all feel confident in our basic skills and in each other, which is important and takes a lot of stress off of everybody so that we can all climb better.  That’s why having a consistent climbing partner or partners is important.  You know them.  You trust them, and you trust them with your life.  They trust you with their life, too.  That’s a solemn responsibility and a very sobering thought.  That’s why I’m so serious about developing ever-better belaying technique for both toprope and lead climbing.  If I’m doing everything in my power to keep them as safe as possible on my end, then my partner can trust in me and concentrate on their end of things, which is climbing.  Getting rid of as much tension and anxiety as possible just by being able to trust your climbing partner is a great burden lifted in itself!!!

So, I’ll get a bite to eat, pick up AJ and Emily, and we’ll be off into the wild blue yonder!!!  I got us plenty of water to take along so that we don’t get too dehydrated.  That’s extremely important, even day-to-day!!!  That’s my advice for today:  Hydrate!!!  Updates pending…

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